Grant Pain Management Clinic

Expert In Home Detox

Detox is a scary option for a person struggling with drug addition. Phoenix dug detox is available through Grant In Home Detox. This safe, effective solution is a medically supervised option with care that created new opportunities.

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Our Doctor

“ The training I had as an anesthesiologist gives me insight into the management of pain that the other specialties cannot possibly have to offer their patients. That combined with training in addiction medicine enhances my ability to handle pain issues properly including getting patients from other pain clinics and physicians offices on much lower doses of opioid pain pills safely and with compassion and respect. Respect is also key for the management of addiction”

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Finding a Way to Pay

We realize that most people who have issues with substance abuse have had their finances affected negatively . We work with outside sources that can help with multiple options to obtain the funds required to cover the cost of treatment. It is important that addicts chase recovery with the intensity they once chased the drug they are abusing. We will assist is finding option for those who want help .

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