7 Easy Detox Cleanse Tips to Get Healthier

7 Easy Detox Cleanse Tips to Get Healthier

Whether you want to clean up your body from harmful toxins of drug addiction or just want to increase your metabolism, a detox can do good for your body. Today we will give you easy tips to detox cleanse your body while you continue a healthy lifestyle. Following the detox cleanse suggestions mentioned on the blog will help your body to get healthier and avoid traditional detoxes.

7 Easy Detox Cleanse Tips to Get Healthier

Easy Tips to Detox Cleanse at Home

Our liver serves as an internal detox system, and we are capable of self-cleansing our body. To take advantage of our body’s natural cleansing ability, we need to include fiber in our diet. Mind you; no fiber equals no detox.

To have a meaningful detox focus on why you are detoxing and what is your end goal. It will help to avoid unnecessary parts of detox and focus on what is necessary for your body. For example, if your detox goal is to feel more energized after your detox plan, than focus on detoxing on a juice cleanse. Let’s say you want to lose weight you need to follow a balanced diet and include exercise to your daily routine.


Here are seven easy detox cleanse tips to focus on your goal and avoid wasting your hard work:


1. Eat whole fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables not only contain vitamins and minerals, but they also have soluble and insoluble fiber. Fiber acts as a scrub brush for your body. It helps to cleanse your system so try to eat a mix of fruits and vegetables at least ten times per day during a detox. Try to eat whole fruits instead of juices because juices do not contain as much fiber as the whole fruit. If you like shakes, you can also try a smoothie which includes the whole fruit. Eat raw, steamed or vegetable cooked in minimal olive oil instead of deep fried or vegetables cooked in excess refine oil.


2. Soluble fiber from foods:

Your diet must contain a mix of soluble and insoluble fiber. A soluble fiber food will absorb water when soaked whereas an insoluble fiber food will not absorb water when soaked. For example, if you soak celery (insoluble fiber) overnight in water it will remain same while if you soak quinoa or chia seeds in water overnight, it will give a soggy scene. Eat plenty of beans and legumes as they are a right mix of insoluble and soluble fiber, and protein.


3. Intermittent fasting:

According to an article on the health benefits of fasting, fasting helps your body produce its antioxidants which is much stronger than any blueberries. The ability of the human body to heal itself increase when fasting. When you are fasting, you a consciously diverting energy from your digestive system to your immune system. For instance, you can eat your dinner before 7 pm, get a good night’s sleep, exercise and eat breakfast at 7 am. That’s a 12-hour fast and while you are sleeping. Fasting from 8 to 16 hours will help the body to produce hormones that will detox free radicals from the body.


4. Room temp or warm water:

Remember, you should always stay hydrated during fasting. As you increase your fiber intake increase your water intake too. Drinking water not only aids the fiber to cleanse the body but also help you lose excess fat from the body or lose weight. But exactly how much water should you be drinking? The amount of water you need to drink depends on your body weight? As a rule of thumb, consider drinking 12 glasses of water in a day.


5. Matching your lifestyle to your detox:

If you are on a detox program, it will not be effective without an active lifestyle. Make changes to your lifestyle by balancing your activity levels, stress, and technology usage. For example, if 30 – 45 min walk does not sound interesting to you, you can try to be more active during the day by taking desk breaks every hour. You can also choose to de-stress with deep breathing, yoga or getting some extra sleep might do the trick for you. We all use a lot of technology in our lives as an integral part of daily life. To get better sleep try to limit your screen time (mobile or desktop viewing). Staring at blue light emitted from the screen before bed can negatively impact your sleep. As high-quality sleep is necessary for detox, avoid using mobile or laptops 1-2 hours before bedtime. If your willpower is weak try charging your mobile in a different room to avoid distraction.


6. Sweat:

Sweating aids your body to detox. You can try a mix of jogging, hot yoga class, sauna to sweat. If you are a beginner to high-heat exercises, try to ease into it. For instance, choose a spot near the door in a hot yoga class and take plenty of breaks between each pose. Drink lots of water before a hot yoga session.


7. Sleep:

When it comes to detox 7-9 hours of quality sleep is a must. Avoiding screen viewing 1-2 hours before sleep and remove any disturbance from the room like any flashing lights (mobile notifications and other gadgets).


Apart from these seven steps to truly take advantage of a proper body detox do not drink alcohol or any drugs or cigarettes. Avoid red meat, dairy products, refined and process foods and eating outside. If you need help with a home detox cleanse program, Grant Pain Management Clinic provides expert detox services at home. Contact us to get to a natural state of mind, body, and spirit, and lead a drug-free lifestyle.

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