Detox Financing: How to pay for drug rehab without an insurance coverage?

Detox Financing: How to pay for drug rehab without an insurance coverage?
Detox financing without insurance coverage for drug addiction

Ideas to go to rehab for free!

Detox financing can be a costly affair. How do people in the poverty line pay for rehab? How do the unemployed, homeless or struggling with the financial cost of addiction go to rehab? Are you someone who cannot afford to pay up for a drug detox service? Some people try to be a cold turkey and get over their addiction. It can be a dangerous and painful idea especially when the physical withdrawals of the drug starts. Giving up on the idea of rehab just because of the cost of payment is not a wise thing to do. Consider going to rehab and get the proper treatment you need. Today we will guide you to find a way around detox financing for people who cannot afford it.


Detox financing: Where do you start?

If you are lucky, you will find a free local detox center in your locality. There are many free-detox centers around the United States. Some are state-funded others can belong to a faith-based treatment center or self-help detox groups. To find a free treatment program through the government, start by searching for the
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. It is a search provider to find a free treatment program near you.

Tip: You have to contact them to find out whether they provide free treatment or not.


State-Funded Rehab:

The state government has many state approved and funded rehab centers that provide health and drug addiction treatment.  People that cannot afford to go to a private facility can apply here. But to be admitted to one of these state-funded rehab centers you have to show that you qualify for there rules of admission.


To prove that you qualify for a state-funded drug rehabilitation program you have to meet the following criteria:

  • First of all, produce an official resident of the state document.
  • Show the lack of income and insurance.
  • Prove that you are a legal US citizen.
  • Finally, show your addiction status of the drug.

First, you might want to contact a local health or substance abuse agency and seek advice. They are usually part of more significant state-funded organizations to start the process of enrollment. Start with a search at the SAMHSA who maintain a Directory of  Single State Agencies (SSA) of Substance Abuse Services, if you want to find such agencies in your area. 


Faith-Based Treatment Programs

Search for a faith-based rehab center who provide detox services. They will give you guidance, and consultation based on their spiritual practices. First of all, you will need to talk to your religious leader to start a detox program. You can approach a church or any other religious centers based on your religious beliefs. Most of all, to have a successful detox, you need to have trust and let your spiritual beliefs guide you.


Some points to note before choosing a faith-based detox center:

  • First of all, ask them what is included in the program?
  • Do they offer after treatment consultation and counseling?
  • Furthermore, find out if the spiritual practices used in the detox program falls in line with your religious beliefs.
  • Finally, some faith-based treatments programs charge money. Hence, before you join, make sure you if the program is free or not.

Other options:

But what if you have insurance and your insurance demonstrate an ability to pay part of the treatment cost?
The free treatment programs might not be available to you? Most of all, what if your free treatment facility does not have the treatment you need? In such cases, you can look for other affordable options.


  • Scholarships: Some organizations offer scholarships for people with low incomes that cannot afford the treatment.

    Tip: When you visit a treatment center ask for grants and scholarship treatment programs available.

  • Join a self-help and support group: Joining a self-help group might not be a single treatment mode of addiction. Most of all, you will have a reliable means of support to control for your drug addiction.
  • Another good option is to ask your friends, family, and people close to you for financial help.
  • Loans: Many rehab centers offer unique financing options. Take a loan from the available detox financing. Most of them will have very low-interest rates and payback options that are suitable for low-income patients.

Thus, for patients who need financial assistance, we provide a financial resource that can help. The M~Lend financial has been serving the medical community for over 20 years. There is no cost to apply and financing available up to $50,000 and no prepayment penalties. Start the application process now or call us at 888-474-6231 for immediate assistance.

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