Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I consider in home detox?

Detoxing at home with Grant In Home Detox is valuable for somebody who is worried about privacy and needs to be managed by a medical professional in the security of his or her home. Having this sort of medical oversight occur in the home enables the clinical group to comprehend your conditions and outline a guide to best fit your recovery plan.

Is in home detox safe?

Yes, Grant In Home Detox is a safe contrasting option to detoxification in an inpatient clinic for some individuals. Our medical group, under Dr. Grant’s supervision, will enable you to choose if this is an ideal choice for you.

What are the benefits of detoxing at home?

Our patients are regularly most agreeable at home, thus they find that detoxification at home is less distressing than it would be in an inpatient clinic. There are different advantages to having a detoxification procedure occur in the home too. The Grant In-Home Detox group will have the capacity to comprehend your condition, including triggers for your substance usage, how you cooperate with your family, and what changes will be important to help your long term objectives and journey to your new drug free lifestyle.

What will my family do while I am detoxing?

Our appraisal and screening process incorporates evaluating how to best help your detox at home. Some home situations are helpful for having the family remain in the home. A few families want to remain with family, or companions or at an adjacent inn while their relative is detoxing at home. The crucial point is that a responsible adult must be present to work directly with Dr. Grant for a safe and successful detoxification.   

Will I have a treatment plan for aftercare following detox ?

Yes, you and Dr Grant will create an aftercare program that may include clinic visits as well as outside sources for treatment. For instance, some of our patients attend the  12-step  recovery meetings regularly.  The Dr Grant In Home Detox group utilizes a comprehensive approach, to enable our patients to discover different options  for their long term goals and objective to live a drug-free lifestyle.

What if I relapse?

Dr Grant enables patients to decide the most ideal approaches to address relapse before relapse happens. These choices may incorporate re-connecting with a calm friend or starting treatment with an intensive outpatient treatment in our office. Dr. Grant will work with you to survey the explanations behind relapse, and will bolster you in actualizing plans to get you back on track.