How to Approach a Loved One with an Addiction for going into a Detox Center?

How to Approach a Loved One with an Addiction for going into a Detox Center?

Do you know someone struggling with drug addiction? Maybe a friend, colleague or a family member you know who needs your help.

But you do not know how to approach a loved one with an addiction for going into a detox center program?

Today we will help you to understand the drug addicted person, recognizing their dependence and how to suggest a detox program.


How to approach a loved one with an addiction?


Understanding drug addiction

People start using drugs for various reasons- curiosity, to forget an unpleasant life-experience, to numb their emotional pain, sometime to have a good time or influenced by their friend circle. Some athletes use drugs to improve their athletic performance and as a consequence of repeated use get into drug addiction. What many drug addicts do not realize is a single hit may lead to a life-long struggle with drugs. In most cases, it is hard to be specific with the reason the person got into drug addiction.

It is seen that the reason for drug addiction is a consequence of drugs affecting the person’s normal life. For instance, if you use drugs and your family-life is affected by it you are more likely to have the problem of drug addiction.

Also, you will come across many people who have used some illegal drug sometime in their life, in college or at a house party. It doesn’t mean that everyone who uses drugs becomes an addict. The likelihood that someone will become an addict to drugs varies from person to person.


How to know if someone is an addict?

People who abuse drugs tend to show signs of addiction in many aspects of their lives. It affects the lifestyle of the person, his thinking pattern, decision making, and judgment is often harmful and unfavorable. The symptom of drug abuse varies depending on the person and substance. Common symptoms include:

  1. Using drugs to get rid of withdrawal symptoms.
  2. Tolerance to the substance, progressively requiring more of the drug to attain a high.
  3. Continued use of drugs even when you know it’s hurting you.
  4. Neglecting family obligations and financial issues.
  5. The decline in physical appearance and health.


What to understand before talking to loved ones?

Before you talk to your loved ones about treatment options, you need to approach him or her with care about the problem. It is essential that you don’t confront them in a way that will cause an argument. It’s common for those abusing drugs to get angry quickly, so you need to approach the situation with care.

It’s natural to be afraid to approach your loved one about drug use because of the uncertainty of how he or she will react. However, it could be a life-changing effort. You will have to overcome your apprehensions and work towards finding the right treatment or help he or she needs. A variety of addiction treatment centers and the therapeutic approaches exist to best match the specific needs of each addiction.   


How to approach a loved one with an addiction?

Here are some ways you can gently start a conversation with someone you are concerned about, focusing on your observations.

  • I wanted to check in with you because you haven’t seemed yourself lately.
  • I have noticed you have been acting differently lately, and I am wondering how you are late.
  • I have been worried about you lately.
  • I have noticed you have been drinking a lot lately, and I am wondering how you are doing.


Once you have started the conversation, you can begin to ask questions like:

  • When did you first start feeling like this?
  • Do you feel like you are trying to escape or forget something?
  • Do you feel like your drug use or drinking is the problem?
  • What can I do to support you right now?


Remember you are there to provide support and not to fix the situation or dominate the conversation. It is essential to listen and respond, when appropriate, with encouraging words, such as:

  • I want you to know that you are not alone, even if that’s how it feels to you.
  • I am here for you, and I want to help you find the solution.
  • It may not seem like you need a substance to get past life, but you can have live life without it.
  • I might not know how you exactly feel but I love you can want to help.


Remember, the best thing you can do in these situations is to listen and ask guiding questions. It will help the abuser open up to you and keep the flow of the communication. It will give them a chance to express your loved one to show what is going on in their life.


Seeking help

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