How to make the most out of your impatient residential rehab?

How to make the most out of your impatient residential rehab?

TIps to make the most out of your impatient residential rehab

Going to rehab for the first time can be a scary option for many people. You don’t know what to expect and what will happen to you in the rehab? And other such reasons make addicts stay far away from rehab even if they want to get cured.

Though there is no such standard way to measure a rehab success rate. A rehab success rate depends on a couple of factors:

  • Completion of the program
  • Sobriety during the period of the treatment
  • The effectiveness of the treatment right after end of the program
  • Client interviews
  • Internal studies
  • It also depends on quality of care a facility provides, both during and after the program

During the rehab period, you will be surrounded by unfamiliar people 24 x 7 for 3 – 4 weeks. The thought of this might make you feel uneasy but you will need a smooth relationship with the medical experts to have a successful rehab.

At the time of your stay at the rehab, you will have to take many tests and be given medication to overcome your withdrawal symptoms. The few days at the rehab will take a lot of effort from your you to overcome your addiction. But the good news is that you will feel much better when the program is over.

Here are five simple tips to get the most out of your impatient residential rehab:


1. Learn from everyone you come in contact

Go to rehab with an open mind and try to learn from everybody that you meet in the residential facility. Most of the people working as chefs, groundskeeper and cleaners are people who joined the rehab to contribute back to the rehab. At some point, they have been in the rehab and have been cured by the treatment and want to give back by doing service of some kind.

Even though you will learn a lot from designated therapists and counselors who will guide you in the right direction, do not ignore those that do not have these fancy job titles.

Most rehabs follow a more traditional 12 -step programme to cure an addicted person, some rehabs are now trying a more holistic therapy. The increased popularity of alternative treatments is influenced by UK rehab clinics.

Do not underestimate a holistic therapy because they are evidence-based practices. So keep an open mind when receiving a holistic therapy. The treatment may seem more unconventional and something that you are unfamiliar. But they have aided to cure drug and alcohol addiction.


2. Kill negative thoughts about rehab

Some people have a very negative mindset about going to rehab which makes them avoid the treatment. This is because the either don’t want to change or because they believe they know it all already. Both of which will lead to failure in the detox treatment.

If your mindset is that of “not willing to change” then going to the rehab will make no difference. If you believe you “know it all already” and can handle on your own, we guarantee you do not, otherwise, you would not be thinking of rehab in the first place itself.


3. Follow Rules and Regulations

When you are in a rehab, breaking the rules goes against the very reason why you choose to go to rehab. Detox centers and rehab are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), if rehabs are not able to enforce the rules, they will be closed.

You need to understand the rules and regulations of the detox institute. Keep yourself away from people who are willing to break the rules because your association with them will result in early termination of your treatment.


4. Be honest

Being honest is perhaps one of another important aspect of your personality that needs to be addressed. Before attending rehab you have to make sure you are ready to share the truth about your experiences and your relation with drugs and alcohol. By doing so you will get the benefit from individual and group therapy sessions. Letting go of deception of yourself and others, manipulative behaviors and lies are an essential part of the treatment.


5. Work hard to learn the skills to stay clean after rehab

If your recovery goes as planned, you would have fully detoxed and have met incredible people and learned incredible things from them. You will now have the weapons to fight the real world temptation when alcohol and drugs will be easily accessible. But being able to stay clean is entirely about yourself. You have to ultimately ensure that your recovery is not short lived.


How can we help?

At Grant Pain Management Clinic we provide a holistic drug detox and rehabilitation program. We take utmost care of the residential patients on campus and most importantly make sure that they can maintain their sobriety even after the detox. Our detox program gives you the support structure for a successful detox and maintain a normal lifestyle moving ahead. For further information call now 923-468-1337.

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