The Increase of Opioid Overdose Death Tolls & Problems faced in the Opioid Epidemic Fight

The Increase of Opioid Overdose Death Tolls & Problems faced in the Opioid Epidemic Fight
Opioid Overdose Deaths & Problems in Opioid Epidemic

Opioid Overdose Deaths & Problems in Opioid Epidemic

It is seen that the opioid overdose deaths are growing by the year. In 2016 it got worse as compared to the previous year. Sometimes the death toll numbers that are initially reported are not accurate, and numbers add up later. The delay is due to not confirming and reporting of the opioid overdose death and technical difficulties in medical laboratories who need to verify that the death was due to a drug overdose.

In fact, many people are dying from drug overdoses, but it takes time to count the bodies. Opioid deaths were higher in 2016 than previously reported in many NY community.


Increase in Opioid Overdose Deaths in New York

Let’s look at some of the statistics of New York communities confirming the number of opioid death tolls. According to a recent article, the Dutchess County saw an increase in opioid overdose deaths as compared to 2015. Even though, in Dutchess County the number is below the statewide average death tolls which is 17.7 per 100,000 population.

While in some county’s the average of the death toll is higher than the statewide average. For instance, in Putnam County, the number of the death tolls is up from 15 to 21, but the average death toll was higher than statewide average at 21.2 per 100,000. Similarly, the total death tolls in Ulster County’s remained the same, but the statewide average was higher than the average. Westchester County reported an increase in opioid overdose deaths that is up from 107 to 124.

If you look at the overall statewide report of death tolls due to opioid overdose the statewide number has increased by 100, i.e., it has come from 1879 to 1990.


Why is there an increase in Opioid Overdose Deaths

According to Drug-death expert Scott Schmidt, the chief coroner in Orleans County said that dealers are preying on thousands of New York City opioid addicts. Once there is a news that there is a death due to a drug overdose, dealers use it to their benefit to make more cash. When a user comes to know someone overdosed on the drug that person will be willing to try it more. Users think “the drug must have been great and gives a tremendous high,” said Schmidt. “Then all of a sudden you see a cluster of deaths because the dealer used a deadly mix of drugs.”


Opioid-related problems in the Opioid Epidemic Fight

It is one of the worst drug crisis in the United States that is draining the public-health resources of the country. As the opioid crisis spreads, more and more labs, law enforcement and medical examiners are needed to examine, control and research the crisis.

Meanwhile, there is a real challenge facing the hospitals, emergency responders and others are who are fighting the opioid epidemic. The drug crisis brings with it other diseases that you need to deal with. For example, hepatitis C and other illnesses tied to the intravenous drug are increasing with the opioid crisis.

Drug dealers are mixing a chemical called Carfentanil which is an elephant tranquilizer with opioids. The drug is imported from China to the United States by the Mexican Cartels. The heroin is cut with Carfentanil and fentanyl which has deadly consequences on the user.

It’s a scary situation for the everyone – children, parents and the general population because addiction affects everyone from the young to the senior citizens.

Illegal criminal laboratories are churning out new types of opioids that are technically legal but different in the molecular structure. The new mixes stay out ahead of the law enforcement department and making it into the streets to opioid addicts.

The medical investigators are under a lot of pressure because now they have new drugs (different analogues of fentanyl) to investigate whose chemical composition is unknown. They have to invent new lab tests to validate the existence of the drug overdose.


Some steps are taken to fight the opioid epidemic

The State Health Department released the opioid overdose deaths report to combat the drug crisis and issued rules to cap the use of opioids in prescription drugs for acute pain. Many medical officers and others fighting the opioid epidemic are using an opioid antidote to help revive overdosed victims.


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