What Happens in a Detox Program?

What Happens in a Detox Program?

Detox Program


People who are fighting back with an addiction may become disturbed by the sound of detox. However, the reality is that detox is the most effective step toward a healthy recovery. Recommendations are made for the treatment, whether it’s residential or outpatient. The final decision is made on each individual’s requirements and addiction level.

Below is an outline of what happens in a detox program:-

Consultation Assessment

As soon as a patient arrives at a detox center, he or she is checked on the basis of a consultation assessment. An educated and a caring intake counselor will welcome the patients and they can ask questions. The purpose of these questions is to make the detox process as calm as possible. The assessment chronicles the history of drug abuse, together with any existing detox symptoms..

As expected, the patient may feel nervous at this point in the detox process

Medical and Mental Health Assessment

After the initial consultation, the patients are given a  medical and mental health assessment which is  performed by  doctors or other health care professionals. At first, the patients will get a historical assessment regarding physical, mental health and nutritional record. The health specialists will carry out a psychiatric assessment to get a better perceptive of the existing mental health condition in concurrence to the past mental health condition. An assessment of existing medications being taken is also done by the detox center.

On the basis of above assessments, the health professionals will work together on formulating a personalized detox treatment plan for each patient.

Medically Supervised Detox Treatment

In view of the fact that drug abuse affects the body functioning both physically and mentally, the medical doctors will recommend the best detox treatment methods, in order to reduce drug withdrawal symptoms. Each patient is checked by the physicians on a daily basis, so as to make amendments and further develop the same in a comfortable manner.

The main aim of a detox program is treating each individual person physically, in addition to the focus on holistic treatments to heal the body and mind altogether. Daily individual therapy is provided to the patients, and it is tailored to their exact requirements.

After the completion of the detox process, the patients will feel much better. Yet, this isn’t the last part of treatment. After getting to know each patient individually during the detox process, the medical specialists will help them change over to the right on-going treatment program.

The Grant In Home Detox program’ offered by Dr. Grant is solely aimed to help patients live a drug-free and comfortable life. The detox treatments are performed in the privacy of the home.

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