Why Choose Grant Detox?

A detox program is only as good as the people running it. For Dr Grant, Grant In Home Detox program is his personal mission to see patients live the drug-free life they once had before substance abuse stole it away. The evaluation and treatment of substance abuse disorders has been Dr Grant’s  main interest since 2003 and he  began treating addiction in 2005. Addiction treatment with a focus on  in home detox is to be the main focus of his practice.  He became board certified in addiction medicine in 2015.

In home Detox is a major thrust of his work focusing on addiction allowing for both a comfortable and compassionate setting and an opportunity to work with the family. His training as an Anesthesiologist allows him to properly treat the symptoms of withdrawal effectively and safely.

Although patients are most often from the Payson area for pain management, addiction and home detox patients hail from the greater Phoenix area and all over the entire state of Arizona. Suboxone treatment for refills is one way that we meet many new patients.   It is important for these patients to know that while we care for them and we are committed to their opportunity for a life free from drugs. Most of the addiction patients that come to Dr Grant realize that he is  the only pain and addiction physician in the area.  This proves to be to their advantage as these patients are able to benefit from the vast knowledge and decades of experience of Dr Grant. It is clear why Grant Detox is the obvious choice for Phoenix drug detox .